The Montpeyroux Terroir

grappeThe Montpeyroux terroir is considered one of Languedoc’s greats, one of the loveliest and best known. The diverse soils are mostly clay and limestone, there is water, a soft Mediterranean climate ideal for growing vines in its a wild, well preserved countryside; over the years Montpeyroux has seen the birth of many widely recognized, splendid wines.

Situated on the foothills of the of the Cévennes and at the foot of the Larzac plateau, the south-east facing Montpeyroux vineyards are sheltered by the Séranne and charismatic Mount Baudile, as well as the hillside at the root of the name CastelBarry. Montpeyroux, from the Occitan for Stony Mountain, is special for three geological characteristics : the high land with its limestone gorge, the fine grained silt deposits on the terrasses and the many land parcels supported by dry stone walls and hard blue marl.


racinesOur intensive programme of parcel selection has resulted in the grape varieties and terroir suiting each other perfectly. In that our wines are mostly red, the resulting wines are clean and elegant with great finesse. Most of the grapes come from such aristocratic varieties as Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Carignan and Cinsault; the yields are strictly controlled and they are harvested when they have reached optimal maturity.

From the wild, unspoilt beauty of our vineyards has sprung a strong desire to maintain the balance of nature. Part of the vineyard is managed under Terra Vitis (sustainable) rules and another part has achieved fully organic status – proof that the CastelBarry members are determined to respect their environment. The gusty winds play their part too, ensuring the grape bunches remain clean and healthy.


The Montpeyroux terroir produces outstanding wines, recognised since 1984 when it achieved AOP Languedoc Montpeyroux status. Very soon Montpeyroux will achieve the ultimate distinction : becoming a Cru in its own right.

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