Cooperative values

Since 1950, the cooperative has been at the heart of wine production in a village now recognized nationally and internationally.

mainsFor over half a century the 130 men and women members have been actively preserving the countryside and developing its economic activity. They also contribute to the village’s dynamism and the transmission of true values.

CastelBarry, highlights the progress of the cooperative, the pride of its members in mutual cooperation. From this has come solidarity, sharing, participation, support of young producers, equality, openness and ethics.

CastelBarry is based on the essential pillars where quality, tradition, modernity and respect come together. And in addition to producing exceptional wines, Montpeyroux’s cave cooperative has a special mind set, in absolute harmony with its time.


Cooperation can also mean strength… CastelBarry carries its banner ever higher as it marches boldly forward towards being part of the recognition of a Cru in its own right.

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