A half century of history : look back with one eye, to the future with the other.

Founded in 1950, Montpeyroux’s Cave Cooperative was one of the last to be formed in the Languedoc (the boom in cooperatives took place between 1910 and 1929).

Thanks to the impetus of a number of wine producers who believed that it was vital to bring men and their energy together to grow economically, in 1951 the first harvest was vinified.
Of the 75 who took part in the adventure most were on the whole ‘modest’ small land owners and 5500 h/l were produced. Five jobs were created for local village people. Thus, the cave became Montpeyroux’s leading employer.

1954 : The first great crisis after the launch of the cooperative meant that wine markets collapsed, damaging small and medium sized low yield producers. But the cooperative proved that its common payments system and pooled sales gave it strength. The cooperative members survived this challenge whilst other independent producers went to the wall.

1962 : 95% of Montpeyroux’s grape producers had joined the Cave Cooperative.

1969 : First bottled wine. The management committee had voted for a quality commercial policy which resulted in sales direct to the consumer.

1979 : With 245 members cultivating 670 hectares of vines, the Cave vinified 35,727 hectolitres of wine, of which 8,786 qualified as V.D.Q.S Coteaux du Languedoc and Coteaux du Languedoc-Montpeyroux.(VDQS status had been achieved in 1955).

1984 : Opening of a shop for direct consumer sales on the Place François Villon. It rapidly became a reference point for Montpellier residents as well as those from the Aveyron and Lozère plateaux passing through Montpeyroux on their way home.

1985 : Moved up AOC hierarchy to become AOC Coteaux du Languedoc ‘Montpeyroux’, noteworthy as named terroir identity was restricted to the best Languedoc vineyards (12 in total).

1999 : Emphasis in commercial policy moved towards export markets

2007 : Creation of SAS Montpeyroux Estates company and launch of Christian Audigier range.

2011 : Création of SAS Coopalliance company (commercial links with two other cooperatives).

2012 : Construction of 1000m² storage space plus expansion of sales boutique with eye catching displays in words and pictures of “social memories of the Cooperative”.

2014 : “A story of men at the heart of the vines”, the title of a work by ethnologist Marie Ange Lasmenes, and the photographer Alain Tendero. The social history of he Cooperative, a study of the past to prepare for the future.

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