The Montpeyroux artisans’ cooperative’s roots are in land half way between the 11th century castle, the Castellas, and the chapel of Saint-Martin du Barry. Deep in the south of France, in the department of the Hérault, CastelBarry produces great wines that spring from an outstanding terroir. CastelBarry reflects the character and history of a splendid village and bears the imprint of economic challenges of the past. The cave cooperative symbolizes shared values, solidarity and democracy. It’s the tenacity of the men and women behind it that is responsible for CastelBarry having become recognized throughout the world.

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Sud de France fête la Qualité

October 4 2016


La Qualité mise à l'honneur tout le week-end: Rendez vous les 14, 15 et 16 octobre pour fêter la qualité ensemble à Montpellier ! A cette occasion, venez (re)découvrir et déguster quelques unes de nos cuvées : L'excès en rosé, du côté des rouges ce sont le Col du vent Prestige, Le Tarral, le Rocquefeuil Terrasses du Larzac,...

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May 12 2016

castelbarry fait son bistrot wp

ETHNOLOGICAL  CONFERENCE, CONCERT & RERESHMENTS AT MONTPEYROUX The Cave Cooperative is hosting a gathering including a group of ethnologists. Visitors will enjoy refreshments and a lively 1950s-style concert with the ‘Rose Betty Klub’   FRIDAY 3 JUNE  – from 7pm onwards - CONCERT& SUMMER BAR AT THE COOPÉ !   7...

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Ronde des caves

October 29 2015

ronde des caves montpeyroux novembre 2015

For over ten years the Ronde des Caves has brought together caves with the same concept  : to allow wine lovers  a whole weekend in one venue to discover wines from all over France - as well as local products – and enjoy special prices. The nine cooperatives meet in each other’s caves throughout the year enabling you to discover their...

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L’exposition « Paroles de coopérateurs » de passage à Pierresvives

September 17 2015

exposition pierresvives

« C’est une affaire humaine parce qu’une cave coopérative, ca tient sur les hommes ». Jean-Paul Creissac- Vigneron coopérateur Partie intégrante de la boutique de vente CastelBarry coopérative depuis 2012, l’exposition ethno-photographique « Paroles de coopérateurs » s’installe à Pierresvives, Cité des savoirs et du sport...

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CastelBarry Music Festival at Montpeyroux

July 3 2015

Festival CastelBarry Sarasota

From 24 to 31 July 2015, the CastelBarry cooperative will be welcoming the Florida’s Sarasota Music Conservatory and other international musicians for the launch of the Festival CastelBarry....

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